Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Curvy CHRIstmaS

Hello lovelies- if you havent bought the new curvy book, you sorta need to... not only cos I was published in the newest edition(Curvy 6), but because its something you can flip through over and over and be left feeling explosively inspired. Here: its better than crack.


Christmas Gift EVER

CURVY is a must for lovers of graphic art and illustration. Be inspired by the latest generation of outstanding female creative talent.

CURVY presents a selection of the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world today via a highly collectible set of limited edition coffee-table quality books.

Over 120 next-generation, established and underground female artists are featured in the book each year from design capitals including Paris, London, LA, New York, Berlin, Rome and Tokyo – and from countries as far afield as Ecuador, Mexico, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Brazil, Indonesia, Norway, Malta and Israel. The strongest talent from Australia and NZ also feature heavily.

As a special limited offer for Christmas get a matched set of 2 CURVY books featuring over 220 of the world’s most exciting female artists for only $55 plus shipping. (Normally $90). Individual copies are also available online for delivery in time for Christmas - but hurry!

Hello lovelies- if you havent bought the new curvy book, you sorta need to... not only cos I was published in the newest edition(Curvy 6), but because its something you can flip through over and over and be left feeling explosivly inspired. Here: its better than crack.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Using powers for good not evil

This is the first time I've blogged about a place I am currently in..but if you were here. You would too! It serves coffee, there is an art gallery and I'm currently selling my work outside on the verandah. Yes thats right its the Bleeding Heart Cafe and Gallery. And I am in love.

Currently there is a wonderful show on and its here tomorrow too! So get into it Brisbane.

much love x

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deconstructed and Reconstructed

My North Hemipshere lovlies you are in great luck. These beautiful vests are all one of a kind and designed by Dear Pony.

When I spoke with Tracy, the mastermind behind these pieces she shared that she hunts down vintage tweed clothes and is inspired by the story that each piece holds. She values the tailor-ship and the hand-stitching of the garments and loves finding treats such old reciepts or drycleaning bills in the pockets.

For now my friends you can find these garments only on her etsy store but she will also be at Portobello West this weekend in Vancouver. These are rad, worth every cent, and certainly crankin up the air con for!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tomorrow Changed Everything

Didnt it?

New piece exhibited for the first time last night. Much love x

Monday, November 23, 2009

You know when you see something..and it just immediately goes clickity-clack in your mind? Well I tell you I am having a little tap dance going off in my head right now! I just adore these necklaces by Spinthread... See more here, she has earrings too! Haroo!

Strolling to the library

So I love the library.. its starting to get really hot here, and well its chilly in there and last week they served tea and cookies, meah? just cos. I also love my walk there...and love it more when I spot things like this.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

write it, don't type it.

Okay so I know that sounds slightly hypocritical. Seeings how... these-words- come- from- a -keyboard. BUT I am in love with Lilly Piri's note pads. Its a shame shes not living in Australia right now... but I suspect they just might be worth the postage from Germany. Dont you?

Indecent Exposure

Good evening lovelies. If you are in Brisbane this Thursday you must come see this! There is going to be some serious talent including Stephan Backes, Neu Creative and....okay me too. It should be a night filled with much awesomeness so get into it Brisbane.

Brisbane has copped it for a long time as being the underdog when it comes to creativity, passion, design and ridiculously awesome events. To this we say: no more! Queue stage left INDECENT EXPOSURE. It's YOUR night (and ours too).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Raggedy Anne

Soooooo I heart Raggedy Anne. No not the doll. The store. Though the doll seems to be making a comeback, no?? Its a lovely boutique in Kingscliff that has just opened a store in Burleigh Heads. They carry such labels as Something Else, My Pet Square, Meet me at Mikes, Le Specs and The Cassette Society. And now they carry our work too! I'm very happy to have joined this wonderful group of talent, and if you haven't already I suggest you check er on out.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Finders Keepers!

I've been keeping on the downlow for a while, but I just couldn't help but get involved with this show.

So much talent, so much goodness.

If you are in Brisbane this weekend, do swing by. It will make your life better.

Illustration Project!

"Christopher is a long-eared rabbit, known in some circles as “the keeper”. When he isn’t grazing in the overgrowth, Christopher is wowing crowds with his internationally acclaimed shadow puppetry. His portrait, “Christopher’s Ears”, displays Chelsey’s unique style, creating a whimsical environment where one finds themselves lost."

Hello lovelies,

whoa what happened to October? Okay I am very happy to blog about a very exciting project I have taken part of. One because I love collaborating with talented people and two because it was done in letterpress. Horay!

Have a more detailed browse here!

These are limmited prints so get em while they're hotttttttttttttt.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Six Love

Soooo in the past month I've taken up tennis. I have to say, I'm heavily heavily addicted... like two sugars and cream style.

Yesterday I decided to play in my new cotton yellow dress by So cute, so summery and very comfy. I lost 4-6 but I can assure you... my dress didnt. So I'm dedicating this entry to tennis fashion. But lets be honest, these finds would be pretty cute for an icy mojito after the game too.

Worth checking out this German jewellry designer!

And at the top some of my very favs from ADHESIF Clothing Company, Spring 2008. Yeaayyy bring back the Vie Tee's Please!

Monday, August 31, 2009


oldie but goodie

War Games? Not a fan...the art however

Okay. Last night I was attempting to cook dinner over the fire, and was challenged. Not because I had to wrap the yams five times because we cheaped out on tin-foil quality. But because it felt and sounded like there were bombs going off... such unpeaceful, peaceful camping. I thought there is no way I'm hearing bombs? Found out, I was hearing bombs.

Turns out my tent was perched very close to an Australian Army Training Area. It was also very close to one of the most beautiful beaches and islands this fine country has to offer. I bit messed up, no?

Okay I'm not going to rant about how I spent my morning coffee scowling at jetfighters in the sky, and dodging morons with guns on the road and violently shaking my head at the stupidity of it all.

I will say these two points. Make love not war. War can inspire.

Above- Jeremy Fish, Todd James, Banksy, Stelios Faitakis

Monday, August 24, 2009

I just feel in love...

And it was at first sight. To be fair I haven't read this yet from cover to cover. But what I have seen so far, I'm a smitten kitten. 

Next time you visit the Yarra...

So I went to the Yarra Valley last month, stayed at a romantic cottage, ate organic eggs, stoked a fire place with pinecones, listened to frank sinatra, sipped wine all day, ate cheese at night....and got bored. Until, I took a wrong turn and ended up at a llama and gerber farm. And my life got better. 

Two things: First, how wonderful is a llama and gerber combo? And secondly, how wonderful is a llama and gerber combo?

So their website was probably designed from the photocopier salesman down the road, but just role over the Rico Alpaca Stud button, and then try and tell me your life isn't better.


Architecture in Helsinki are RADDDDD_dA-
If you ever get a chance to go watch this group live you wont be disappointed. Bright, fun, highly entertaining and inspiring. They literally jump the whole time on stage, such good energy and Im thinking good calves too.
Even though their music is head bopping-tastic... their art is even better!
Big Call? I don't think so. Their videos, fashion and album covers make me giddy. So if you havent checked them out...especially all you Canadians....well you need to this instant.

Im not sure if they needed another plug... but tonight, they are getting it from me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 about those pencil crayons making a come back.