Monday, August 31, 2009

War Games? Not a fan...the art however

Okay. Last night I was attempting to cook dinner over the fire, and was challenged. Not because I had to wrap the yams five times because we cheaped out on tin-foil quality. But because it felt and sounded like there were bombs going off... such unpeaceful, peaceful camping. I thought there is no way I'm hearing bombs? Found out, I was hearing bombs.

Turns out my tent was perched very close to an Australian Army Training Area. It was also very close to one of the most beautiful beaches and islands this fine country has to offer. I bit messed up, no?

Okay I'm not going to rant about how I spent my morning coffee scowling at jetfighters in the sky, and dodging morons with guns on the road and violently shaking my head at the stupidity of it all.

I will say these two points. Make love not war. War can inspire.

Above- Jeremy Fish, Todd James, Banksy, Stelios Faitakis

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